Understanding The Virtual Assistant Role

What is the Role of a Virtual Assistant

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In order to understand the Virtual Assistant Role, let’s delve into a few simple questions which identify why you have even searched for this on google and found this post. Let’s take a moment to think about what you and your business might need:

  1. What do I need help with in my business?
  2. Do I manage my time as efficiently as possible?
  3. What causes most irritation and aggravation on a daily basis?
  4. What just isn’t working properly in my business?
  5. How can I grow my business?
  6. Would it help to delegate one-off tasks or have someone manage the whole backoffice of my business?

When you’ve answered these questions, you are better placed to identify how you can define the role of a VA to suit your business.

Do you seek to solve single tasks or streamline the daily processes?

At some point, we all hit a brick wall in our knowledge. There will always be a need to solve a problem through research and a desire to delegate to staff, or outsource to third party staff or companies. It’s life. I refuse to believe any business can hand on heart, state they have never hit a problem at one point or another.

What do most people do?

Some might ponder on the problem for a period of time, research the answer online, spend hours looking through forums and discussing with others how to solve the problem. Others might pick up the phone and speak to people they know, suppliers, consultants etc and see if they can get the answer to their question.

Some Jobs are just too small

Sometimes smaller problems are just as difficult to solve as larger ones, especially when it comes to outsourcing. Ever found yourself in a situation where you can’t handle a job yourself, but it’s too small for a contractor to bother with. These are annoying problems to have to deal with.

How much time do you actually spend before you get somewhere?

This is the crux of the matter. How long do you think you have spent thinking about it, reading about it online and involving others before you come decide to leave it and move on or bite the bullet and pay to have someone solve the issue for you?

Maximise your Efficiency

If you’ve only just started your business it’s likely you have no systems or processes in place yet. New business owners often ‘learn on the job’ and without doubt ‘learn by their mistakes’. Ask ANY established business owners whether they would change things they did in their early days, most (if not all) will tell you they would.

You are eager, dynamic, hungry for success and with a passion to succeed but ask yourself this:

What makes you money?

No one understand your business as well as you do. Unless you are really lucky, very few will be quite as passionate about your business as you.

You need to be free to generate new opportunities without being hindered by routine tasks which others can do for you.

Proven processes which work

Now we are getting to the point …

You know what you want to achieve and you know how to achieve it, but in addition to the raw idea of what will make your business succeed, there are many obstacles which distract you and potentially hinder your progress …

  • Managing business financials
  • Setting up accounting systems
  • Generating Invoices and Statements
  • Chasing up Payments
  • Setting up and maintaining a CRM
  • Managing Marketing Efforts
  • Dealing with routine enquiries
  • and on and on and ariston (remember that advert 😉 ???)

The list is endless

Having someone on hand who can answer your questions when you need. Initiate positive change when required and streamline your administrative processes on a daily basis, allowing you to spend 99% of your time on the money generating aspect of daily business. This is what a VA can do for you.

The Virtual Assistant Role

The role of a Virtual Assistant is to be the support you need, when you need it. Someone on hand to lighten the load, relieve the pressure and remove the obstacles which hinder progress and limit your potential.

Expertise on hand

You need to remember a successful Virtual Assistant is not just running one business, but has experience of many. Imagine the pool of knowledge you are tapping into. Imagine how beneficial it is, to have someone available to you who understands what works, what doesn’t and how certain processes can be improved through a solid understanding of similar situations with other clients. Read more here

Better Efficiency = Better Profits

The bottom line is this. A VA isn’t just a bod who answers the phone for you. Yes, this is part of it, but there is far more to it.

Saunders & Lee have a background in high end Administrative Support for some big names, including Lord Coe, William Hague and The Commonwealth Office. If you think about it, your access to our knowledge is to the benefit of your business. We have been involved with numerous processes to streamline data in a way which improves the productivity of busy people in their daily lives. And the best bit ….. this knowledge is yours to hire!

So, to answer the question, What is the Virtual Assistant Role?

If you hire Saunders & Lee for your business, your allocated VA will:

  • Help you to manage your business more effectively
  • Manage daily administrative tasks
  • Liaise with Customers & Suppliers
  • Streamline your Business Processes
  • Identify areas which can be improved
  • Make your data work for you more efficiently
  • Plug gaps in your knowledge
  • Share wealth of knowledge from other businesses

Identifying Weaknesses

Your core business concepts and ideas are often clear, but many business owners fall foul of the many processes which hinder progress, but a talented Virtual Assistant will be able to help solve problems, not just tasks.

Allow Saunders & Lee to audit and gain a better understanding of your business in order to make yours a better business. 

We hope this post helps you understand the Virtual Assistant Role and more importantly, how it can have a positive influence in the success of your business.

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