PA, VA, VC, AC Two Letters, One Meaning?

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Louise Lee wrote the following post to give more of an insight to the concept of S&L and why you should get in touch with us, if you find yourself hindered by technology and processes.

Historically I have been a client services manager at a graphic design agency so my background is managing design for print projects and early websites – yay Flash! Other than that I have been versions of a PA but never a traditional PA, more an assistant to someone with my own workload, budgets and projects to manage. So that’s my background which means I always look for solutions. If I were recruiting I’d be looking for someone who had been a client account manager/event manager or the like. Someone who is proactive, understands budgets and will look for solutions. Possibly an office manager depending on their background. I don’t know if this helps you position what the company will do when it comes to administrative support?

Initially I will consult with a client to identify what they want to achieve. For example some or all of the following:

  • More time
  • More Mental space
  • More energy
  • More focus
  • Faster Progress
  • More Balance

I will ask them what they’d like to achieve because of gaining the above. Responses I receive are:

  1. Be better organised with all information
  2. Not to have to worry about learning/maintaining the software/tech aspects of their business
  3. Have more session time with clients (psychologists/business coaches etc)
  4. Have more time to meet with clients to see what projects are coming up
  5. Not to worry about missing things (details of a project; diary clashes; unpaid invoices)
  6. Spend less/no time working at weekends
  7. Reduce/share the worry. To know that someone else is keeping an eagle eye on stuff and not letting things slip/get lost.
  8. Someone who will highlight and resolve problems with clients and suppliers so they don’t have to deal with the nitty gritty.
  9. Someone who will deal with all the stuff that isn’t fee earning.

The areas in which I work with clients are:

  1. Client Account Management and Client Service Support (Clients)
  2. Marketing (Marketing)
  3. Managing customer and supplier relationships (Business development)
  4. Virtual Office Creation (Operations)
  5. Administration (Operations)

During an initial consultation, I will begin with an open question along the lines of what’s causing them most problems now and what would they like to achieve if those problems were solved. If they struggle, I’ll weave the conversation around these or similar questions:

  1. Are you spending too much time working in your business rather on it. Would you like to progress the business at a faster pace?
  2. Are you spending more than 5 hours per week on administration?
  3. Do you have insufficient time or inadequate processes to follow up with potential clients?
  4. Do you have lots of ideas to progress the business but insufficient time to implement them?
  5. Are you an active blog writer? How do you market your business?
  6. Are you unable to take a day off because there is no-one to run the office when you are away?
  7. Do you invoice in a timely fashion and chase up late payers?

When it comes to what I do:

  1. My primary offer is Monthly Administrative Support
  2. My secondary offer is one time stand-alone project services


Once the scope and spec of a project has been agreed, Saunders & Lee will manage the rest

  • Client Account Management

    1. Project management. Once the scope of a project has been agreed we will liaise with clients/suppliers/all parties involved to ensure it is delivered on time. This will involve updating, chasing suppliers or clients, checking specs and schedules the list is endless and varies per the type of client. Basically, whatever is required to ensure the project is delivered and the client is ecstatic.Within item i). we also ensure the following:
    1. Entering/Updating client info into various Databases
    2. CRM updates
    3. Creating and maintaining checklist/project management system to track documents, contracts, milestones and dates.
    4. Creating Invoices/Purchase Orders/Quotations etc
    5. Making sure all signatures are obtained
    6. Emailing final copies to parties
    7. Uploading final copies to online shared document files
  • New Client Support and Management
    1. Handling initial contact and answering routine questions
    2. Correspond with prospects as needed
    3. Handle and resolve customer issues
    4. Emailing and tracking new client contracts
    5. Scheduling consultations
    6. Tracking follow-ups and appointment so clients don’t fall through cracks
    7. Any aspect of building and developing a relationship so that a prospect knows my client is a safe pair of hands and is the only business they should considering.

Business Development

A true and pure definition of Business Development is helping a business to develop its relationships. We excel in developing relationships.

A successful business isn’t only about a customer’s experience it’s about the experience of everyone who touches your business and the personal touch is perpetual winner.

You want everyone who touches your business to know they are in a safe pair of hands. There’s no smoke and mirrors and no Swiss Tony dialogue. Intelligent, courteous, timely and always delivers what it says. That’s how you want everyone who touches your business to be handled and that’s how we manage your clients and suppliers. We don’t get fussed or flustered, we don’t shy away from difficult conversations and we always deliver what we promise and so meaningful relationships are built.

Business Development Software

There are tools you may have heard of, but don’t know how to use. Cloud based tools and CRM’s you are advised to use, but don’t know where to begin. This is where Saunders & Lee come in. Let us show you the way because choosing the right software for your business takes time, research and a sharp learning curve.

  1. Software Selection
      1. CRM
      2. Project management
      3. Email marketing
      4. Contact Management/Address Book


We’re not marketing consultants but we can help with the execution and implementation of your marketing and networking efforts

  • Creating and sending email campaigns
    1. Setting up email campaigns in mailing list service
    2. Confirming successful publication and read reports
    3. List Management, additions, unsubscribes, bounces, tracking in CRM
    4. If SEO and social marketing is your bug bear, we can recommend a fabulous agency who will solve these headaches
  • Social media support
    1. proofing, editing
    2. uploading posts
    3. Adding and formatting images
    4. Checking links and display
    5. Adding categories and post tags
    6. Scheduling publication


Operations is all of the above all rolled into a set of systems and processes which ensure the business will run without you as long as you have an assistant. Granted, if you’re a psychologist, we can’t have a session with your clients, however we can manage them while you’re away and we can manage enquiries.

Project Work

  • CRM Set Up
  • Project Management Set Up
  • Email Template Design
  • Email List Set up
  • Contact List Clean and sync across software


Fine, get in touch. Give us a call on 01223 803 666

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