If you’re a technophobe who likes lists, you’ll love trello

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Managing projects, to do lists or even clients can be hard. Trello provides instant clarity, is simple, intuitive and flexible.

Recently we’ve been working with a bespoke rug company to set up and manage their systems and processes from scratch. Their biggest concerns were:

1. Managing their projects from initial lead through to project delivery – without incurring additional costs of a project management add-on and;
2. Playing to the strengths of a technophobe.

Initially, the client wanted to manage the process using spreadsheets. This solution wasn’t ideal because typically they would access the spreadsheets by mobile or tablet so the information was difficult to read and impossible for them to update. Once we’d ascertained that it was project milestones that needed to be managed we knew that going Kanban style would be the answer, and fortunately they’ve never looked back.

Based on the Kanban project management model, you can create as many boards and as many cards as you like. You drag and drop cards as they move along the process. You can give them due dates, add documents and pictures, checklists and automatically link all of this to your calendar as well as sharing it with your team.


Trello is as flexible as modelling clay. You can use it as a collaborative project management tool and do away with your spreadsheets. Or, if you subscribe to The Getting Things Done way of working, you’ll love using Trello as your collection bucket. In fact, you can use it for both and only share the boards you want.

If you’d like to know whether Trello will work for you, please do get in touch. We’d be delighted to help you go Kanban Style.