Prod – A Review Of A Thoughtful ToDo List

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I’ve read a lot of good things about Prod – A Thoughtful to-do list and how it will disrupt your modus operandi. For the better. This video sets up Prod, live, so you can see how to get Prod working for you in just a few minutes.

Disrupt Your Modus Operandi.

Prod blocks websites you waste time on and unblocks them once you’ve finished your to-do list.
That is the basic premise, but it has other ways of boosting your productivity. Prod does not bother you with adverts, collect your data or bug you to upgrade.


★★★★★ — “This is the perfect productivity app: simple yet powerful.”

★★★★★ — “Clean, easy to start using right away. What else can you want?”

★★★★★ — “Great app with a great UX and a sleek design. Time to get work done :)”

★★★★★ — “I needed this app so much. Thank you, it’s perfect.”

★★★★★ — “Best to-do list I’ve ever used. I love how it opens on each new tab and is so simple and clear.”


☑ Prod replaces your new-tab page with an intuitive and satisfying to-do list.

☑ Blocks time-wasting sites and redirects you back to your to-do list.

☑ Prod doesn’t show ads, collect personal data, or bug you for money.

☑ Now and then, Prod provides tips to increase your productivity and happiness

☑ Minimal design and user interface to help you focus.


Prod will show you the occasional tip to improve your productivity and happiness. These tips cover a range of topics; design, psychology, typography, economics, writing, eating, being a human being. They’ll always be well-researched, specific and actionable. They’ll always be relevant, and never garbage.


Prod doesn’t show ads, collect personal data, bug you to upgrade, or anything annoying like that.
Prod’s only source of revenue is affiliate links. These sometimes appear in the tips and are usually a link to a book.


This add-on doesn’t collect data, personal or otherwise. Instead, it relies on direct feedback from you.