Protect your PowerPoint presentations by turning them into pictures.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

How to protect your PPT Deck

When a client wants to view your deck in Presentation Mode, saving as a PDF wont cut the mustard because you lose slideshow functionality.

Here are two methods you can use to protect your PowerPoint presentation while retaining the slideshow functionality.

Method 1 – A fast method, using the PowerPoint Picture Presentation file format

Method 2 – A longer method, using the PowerPoint Photo Album command

Each method has its advantages. The first method is quicker, but the second creates much smaller file sizes.

Method 1

Step 1: Launch ‘Save As’ Dialog Box –From within your PowerPoint presentation, press F12, to launch the ‘Save As’ dialog box and then select a location in which to save your presentation.

Step 2: Select ‘PowerPoint Picture Presentation’ – Scroll down and select PowerPointPicture Presentation.

Step 3: Rename Your File – and click ‘Save’. Once it’s saved, you’ll get a confirmation message

Step 4: Each slide is now a picture– When you next open your saved file and select a slide, you’ll notice that the Picture Tools Format Tab opens. All of the slides are now pictures where the content cannot be changed.

Method 2

Step 1: Launch ‘Save As’ Dialog Box –From within your PowerPoint presentation, press F12, to launch the ‘Save As’ dialog box and then select a location.

Step 2: Select the Picture File Format for Your Slides – In the “Save as type” drop down, select a picture file format to save your slides in. PNG or JPEG work well.

Step 3: Select Save – Once you’ve picked your picture file format, select ‘Save’. A dialogue box will ask if you want to save Every Slide or Current Slide. Select All Slides on the left. PowerPoint will
export your slides as pictures, and save them in a folder in the file location you chose in step 1.

Click OK to continue

Step 4: Navigate to the location you exported your slides and you should have a folder named after your presentation. This folder will contain your slides, as pictures, named Slide 1, Slide 2 etc.

Step 5: Create a New Presentation with your Pictures – Open a new PowerPoint presentation and click on the ‘Insert Tab’. Select the ‘Photo Album’ option to launch the photo album dialog box.

Step 6: Insert from File/Disk – Within the PhotoAlbum dialogue box, select Insert from File/Disk and navigate to the folder where you saved the pictures of your slides.

Step 7: Select All the Pictures – CTRL+A will select all the pictures within the folder. Then select Insert.

Step 8: Select Create – Once all of the pictures load into the Photo Album select ‘Create’.

Step 9: Delete the First Slide – Your new PowerPoint presentation creates a title slide that says “Photo Album”. Presumably, you don’t want this slide in your presentation, so select and delete it.