System (and software) Surgery

There’s no magic serum for wrinkle free systems, however, you can have the next best thing?

A 60 minute system surgery with me

This is your time to get everything off your chest and tell me what makes you feel overwhelmed, disorganised and feeling like you have too much to do.

I will show you how to improve the way you work and suggest software that will help you become more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

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£99 for one hour or £59 for 30 minutes

60 Minute Surgery

30 Minute Surgery

Making business fun again

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How we can help your Business

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wave a magic wand and have all your business systems and software set up and raring to go?

Deciding what software you need to support your business isn’t easy and, without a shopping list of requirements, a Google search won’t help. Because this isn’t your area of expertise it takes you longer, you get annoyed with yourself and you keep putting it off. Choosing the easy option isn’t copping out, it makes good business sense, so why not ask us to help?

Together we work out your systems and then we test which software will best support you. Whether it’s contact management, client management, project management, task management, email, process libraries or document storage, we’ll set up the software for you so it works. And, we’ll create How To Guides so you’re not left high and dry.

There are 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 – Process mapping
  • Phase 2 – Set up software, create How To Guides
  • Phase 3 – Implement comments / amendments
'Done for you' Business Support

Are you one of the micro-business owners who think you must be the one doing everything in your business?

The thing is, if you want to scale your business, gain freedom and increase revenue, then eventually you will need the help of others.

When we work with you on an ongoing basis, not only do we provide real time, continuous, business critical support.

  • We manage your business administration and we improve your customers’ experience.
  • We evaluate your systems and set up supporting software coupled with a library of Standard Operating Procedures that anyone can follow.

While we do this, you concentrate on your clients and finally get to turn your laptop off, before midnight, feeling relaxed and in control of everything.

During the initial set up, we’ll put processes in place to enable your business to run without you

This includes:

  • Mapping out what you do and how, to create a process library
  • Set up Project/Case/Client Management system or software
  • Set up Lead Management system or software
  • Set up Document Filing Infrastructure
  • Set up email filing infrastructure

We’ll automate as much as possible and create standard processes and templates for everything else.

You can focus on doing what you love and leave us to look after the non-money making parts of your business.

Prices start from £800 a month

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