You’re productive, but are you efficient?

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This year I was thrilled to receive an invitation to run a breakout session at the 2019 National Enterprise Network Conference. This is an opportunity no small business can refuse! And I didn’t refuse – despite my abject fear of public speaking.

The subject of this year’s conference was Unleashing Innovation and initially I struggled to find the connection between what Saunders & Lee does and Unleashing Innovation. And so I decided to write a story, because I know from Rachel Extance how memorable and powerful a story can be.

This story starts at The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and, via Skyfall (the movie), heads off to a bible. A quick pit stop at McDonalds before pushing on to discover how Innovation and Creativity are linked AND how you will create the freedom to be creative and innovative just by recording your business processes and then automating the socks off them.

Automation is how your business becomes efficient AND productive which just leaves the creativity and innovation to you.

Productivity vs Efficiency

Here’s a recording of my breakout session and in it you’ll see 9 simple automations which save you around 60 minutes. Find some more processes to automate, and you’ve saved yourself another 60 minutes. Find some more and… shall I continue? Or, shall I leave you in peace to watch this 25 minute video so that you can go get some of that efficiency thing?

When you’re ready to discover how you can be more efficient and unleash your innovation, email me at