How to be More Productive in Business

How to be More Productive in Business

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If you want your business to be more profitable you need to focus on your clients and on making sales. You shouldn’t be focusing on administration and dibble.

I recently took on a new client and, during the initial consultation, we spent some time deciding what their goals were. What they wanted to achieve as a result of working with me. They wanted to:

  • Create time to concentrate on sales
  • Remove themselves from sales support
  • Not get involved with logistics
  • Create a smoother way to track stock from quotation to invoice

The bottom line was, they didn’t want to be involved in the day to day administration of their business.

To achieve their goals I suggested they stop doing some stuff and let me manage much of their business administration. To that end I put forward the following proposal:

Sales Support

  1. Handle initial contact and screen according to your guidelines
  2. Answer routine questions
  3. Handle customer service issues
  4. Correspond with clients and suppliers
  5. Create and progress orders from Quote to Invoice and advise on a smoother way for your accounting system to track stock from quotation to Invoice
  6. Be the point of contact for all things back office, sending brochures, chasing invoices, managing suppliers etc

Client Account Management

  1. CRM updates – enter and update client information
  2. Track project milestones
  3. Track and manage project documents according to your requirements

 Monthly Administration 

Administrative support is a combination of ongoing tasks, functions, and roles that keep your business organised and running smoothly. It’s a continuing relationship. As part of your bespoke package you will be assured of:

  1. Weekly one-hour telephone meeting
  2. Unlimited email access
  3. Proofing and editing care and attention are given to everything I create for you as part of my commitment to excellence
  4. Ongoing creation of a process document for The Creative Agency and recommendations for ongoing streamlining and creating more productive systems.

Future Streamlining and Business Development Projects

Initially, we will work with the software you use so I can get a feel for where the problems are.

Having the right software for your business helps you progress faster and having integrated software ensures a seamless flow of information between your cloud-based systems.

Choosing the right systems and software takes time and a lot of research and setting them up involves a steep learning curve. I’d be delighted to help you with this, and my initial thoughts are as follows:

1. Project Numbering

As the company grows, a project numbering system might be worth considering.

The advantages are that all documents (invoices/POs/case studies/emails etc) will be named/referenced using the PN number which makes search and retrieval easier across all your software and also your online document storage too. 

2. Contact Syncing

If you don’t already have a two-way contact sync in place between PipeDrive and your accounts system (we recommend Xero), this might be worth considering because it saves duplication of effort and ensures both applications remain in sync.

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is perfect for managing deals and with the addition of some custom fields we may be able to use it for managing projects and so it may be worth adding your products to PipeDrive so deals can more easily be spec’d and priced. However, my initial feeling is Trello will better serve as a project management tool. We may also be able to use Pipedrive to assist in your email marketing activities. To do this the contact information must be fully populated and tags/labelled applied.

4. G-Suite (previously Google Apps)

G-Suite will provide you with greater syncing flexibility and if we decide to continue using Pipedrive, it’s good to know they work well together. The benefits of switching to G-Suite are:

2-way sync with Google Contacts

When you edit someone’s details in Google Contacts, the change will be synced to Pipedrive, and vice versa. (Which is what you’d expect from 2-way sync.) You can also sync your Google Contacts with your phone, so you’ll have all contacts synced on every device.

2-way sync with Google Calendar

When you schedule a call in Pipedrive, an event will appear in your Google Calendar. And when you move it in the Calendar, Pipedrive gets updated. This is perfect for planning your day because the meeting requests you receive and send will be in your Google Calendar. Syncing with Pipedrive means you won’t have to switch between your calendar and the Pipedrive App to see your daily activities. 

Google Drive integration

Add Google Docs to deals and contacts or create new ones straight from within Pipedrive. Ideal for storing and sharing proposals, presentations or specifications. I believe one can also store whole folders rather than individual documents. Finally, Google Drive is supported by Zapier which enables us to create connections with a host of cloud-based software.

  1. Trello Checklists and other stuff

Trello has some useful project management features which we may decide are better at managing projects than Pipedrive.

The aim of all future streamlining is two-fold. Firstly, we need to get all the information in your head into a piece of software, so it’s available to everyone as your business grows. Secondly, I want to automate as many processes as possible and avoid duplication of effort, for example, contact syncing.

Saunders & Lee Business Productivity Support

What makes S&L Administrative Consultants different from Virtual Assistants?

VAs focus on tasks. However, in my experience, when your business administration becomes a problem, and you’re trying to do it all yourself, hiring someone to help, task by task will be tedious and slow.

Instead of focusing on tasks and transactions S&L focuses on your goals and objectives to create a combination of monthly admin support because the magic isn’t in the task, it’s in the ongoing relationship.

I work in collaborative partnership with you, so you get more done, make faster progress and your life will become a whole lot easier and it gets better the longer we work together!

If you’d like to find out how I can streamline your systems and make your business more pleasant to be around, please do get in touch.