Drive Cambridge Business Networking

For people who don’t like traditional networking

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A new type of networking is taking place in Cambridge, Peterborough, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Oxford and beyond. It’s called Drive – the partnership network, and it’s all about collaborative networking.

There are no elevator pitches and no sales pitches. We have a Facebook Group where lots of people ask for lots of advice about all sorts of things relating to small businesses.

The collective knowledge is outstanding as is the level of cooperation and collaboration. I’m always astonished at everyone’s willingness to share experiences and because we do this the group has spawned many collaborative projects.

Each group is a little different, but each group is home to enthusiastic people who have a big view of the world and who want you to do well. If you’re a small business owner, they’re an impressive group of people to have in your tribe and when you’re building a business this type of support is invaluable.

If you’re:
• thinking about setting up on your own;
• have a business idea you’d like to chew over with a diverse group of people; or
• are already in business and would benefit from being part of a tribe of friendly, intelligent people who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge

you should come to Drive – The best small businesses network for people who don’t like traditional networking.

I lead the London Group, which launched in Covent Garden in September 2016 and since then we’ve had some fabulous speakers, including the understated, amazing Clive Rich who founded Lawbite.

If you’re unsure why people come to Drive, it’s to avoid being sold to and to prevent business cards and LinkedIn requests being down their throat. People come to Drive to:

Connect and learn
Support and be supported
Inspire and be inspired
Be curious

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch. I’ll be delighted to help.