Clogs of a wheel demonstrating that businesses needs systems to work efficiently.

New Businesses Need Systems To Ensure Growth

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The key to starting any businesses is to get the correct systems and processes in place. Right from the off, businesses need to get the appropriate operational structure in position to maximise productivity and ensure business growth.

  • An organised and centralised filing system with clear document management that is easy to navigate.
  • Software solutions that collaborate well together and provide efficient operational and sales support.
  • Documented Standard Operating Procedures for repetitive tasks. Recording them is the quickest and most efficient way to do this.
  • File back up so that all company information is safe if there is a glitch. Let’s face it, although technology is an enabler there are sometimes hiccups – small, big and major! Businesses have peace of mind that all their documentation will not be lost.

A Logical Filing System

An old fashioned filing draw showing the need for business processes and systems

Arranging your document storage at the very beginning is easier, cheaper in terms of time and allows for faster business growth. It is far more difficult to teach an old dog tricks than it is a puppy. Setting up an efficient filing system in a business’ infancy will establish itself within the organisational operating culture.

Failure to do so could prove costly:

  • time spent locating files when you can be focusing on client work.
  • duplication of work as it has to be redone when it cannot be found.
  • a risk of errors being made as work is duplicated from memory or old emails.
  • staff, in particular remote workers, operate in a disorganised fashion. They save their files to their C drive and to their own management systems.

Business Systems That Drive Automation And Business Growth

A new business won’t have the cash to employ high numbers of staff; it needs to set up business systems that will automate as much as possible and virtually run itself. Software that connects well together and can be linked into other systems will create an efficient process management structure. If you need convincing then take a few minutes to watch this short video clarifying how systems can drive productivity and business growth.

If It Works Why Change It?

There are many business owners that work in a slightly chaotic fashion but are still operating very successful businesses. The adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ becomes a challenge when you start to upscale your operations. Even with a couple of additional people in your team it will become difficult and time consuming to navigate through a disorganised or personalised computer filing system.

What might happen if you are away from your business for a while – say for poor health? Would those standing in for you be able to efficiently find the information that they need quickly? If the answer is ‘no’ – more time is lost and there is less focus on the work you and your business are good at. The end result being less profitability.

Software Consultation

All of this can be put in place retrospectively. If your business has been operating for some time and has generated it’s own quirky system Saunders and Lee can iron out all the problems that you have via a Software Consultation. They work with existing software and can recommend and implement new systems if required to ensure an efficient operating structure. No mess is too big a challenge!

A Clear Space Equals A Clear Mind

Operational systems organised efficiently will allow time to focus on the critical parts of the business that will drive growth – be that clients, sales, manufacturing or business development. If you start your business with this discipline and get the basics right – particularly one that is set to grow – it will save you time and money in the long run.

The System Surgery

A consultation with Louise will get your files set up correctly from the start. She will identify appropriate software solutions for your business that are both efficient and drive productivity and growth. As a new business this is one of the fundamental basics that you need to get right and it is as important as understanding cash flow and budgeting in a small business.

Don’t take it from us but listen to what a recent client has to say:

‘A one hour kick off phone call with Louise to talk through the basics is worth every, single penny.’ 

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