How To Use Tags With Your CRM

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tag your contacts so you can target individual groups with specific information about your business.

When you first set up your CRM, or any piece of software that manages data, you’ll go through the process of choosing tags or labels. Before you start allocating tags willy-nilly, it’s a good idea to think about how you’re going to use this information so that you don’t end up with 100s of tags that are irrelevant and unfit for purpose.

My Favourite Tags

The purpose of tags is so that you can segment people into groups and send them appropriate information. When creating your tags, it is best to break them down into their component parts. I’ll use the pie example:

Some of your contacts like Fish Pie and some like Fish Stew. If you were to use these tags you will only be able to search for people who like Fish Pie, or Fish Stew. However if you break down each of these tags into two you will have the following:

Louise Lee: Tag 1 – Fish. Tag 2 – Pie
Douglass Dog: Tag 1 – Fish. Tag 2 – Stew

Now you can search for everyone who likes not just pies but also stews and fish.

If you’d like to send really targeted information to your contacts you can apply more than one label to a contact. For example, some of your coaching clients may want to receive information about CRM or Practice Management. Some of your Commercial clients may want to know about Bespoke Rugs only.

Clients/Leads/Prospects  Interested In:
Coaching CRM
Practice Management
Residential Fast Track Rugs
Commercial Bespoke Rugs

Don’t go mad with secondary Tags. Remember why you’re creating them? It’s so that you can communicate with someone about something they’re interested in.

Using fewer categories or tags makes it easier to manage your contacts which means you’re more likely to keep in touch with your them. And fewer categories also makes writing targeted articles much easier and they’ll also be more personal to the recipient – particularly if you add merge fields to your email campaign.

If you’d like to know more about managing your contacts across devices and software, please get in touch and we will advise on the best software and systems to suit you and your business.