How to update your contacts automatically and save time

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you use more than one cloud-based app you’re either drowning in out-of-date contact data or wasting valuable time updating each system. If either rings a bell, you’ll be delighted to know you can automate contact updates so they sync, bidirectionally, across your favourite cloud apps.

Small businesses are more dependent than ever on cloud-based software and apps but syncing contact data between apps has always been problematic. Historically the answer to “Can I sync X and Y?” has been “You can only sync X to Y but not both ways.”  This is frustrating and only part of the problem has been solved.

One example of this problem is Capsule CRM which has a one-way sync to Google Contacts so if you update a contact in Google Contacts the update isn’t reflected in Capsule. And what about Mailchimp? When someone signs up and joins your mailing list, wouldn’t it be more helpful if their details are also added to your CRM, as well as deleted if they unsubscribe?  I think this functionality would be enormously helpful.

What we’ve been crying out for is a two-way sync that works with existing data and where updates are reflected in both/multiple apps and across devices, and that’s what Piesync delivers.

Until now we’ve relied on services like Zapier to push data from one app to another using the action If This Then That, but this is a one time action, one way and Zaps only work with new data not existing data.

Piesync works unnoticed, behind the scenes, syncing your contacts across your favourite cloud-based apps, saving you valuable time on contact updates and saving valuable money on your time. Piesync lets you set it and forget it.

How does Piesync work? Here’s one example:

Managing contacts using a CRM

Now when you update a contact in EITHER Google Contacts or your CRM, the update is reflected in both. If you only want a one-way sync, you can choose this option too. Or if you change your mind you can switch it back to a bidirectional sync.

You can then take this connection one step further and add a Mailchimp connection. Now when someone joins your Mailchimp list they are automatically added to your CRM. They stop being a name on a list and become an active contact in your CRM. And don’t worry about unsubscribes or deletions, PieSync syncs those too which saves you from manually trawling your database to find a contact to delete.

Here are some of the apps you can sync, and there are more added every month.

Different tools which can be used to manage contacts

Setting up Piesync is easy and doesn’t require coding.
From the Piesync dashboard, you connect your accounts, and Piesync will crack on with the syncing. Piesync works behind the scenes so once a month, just to remind you it’s doing its thing, you’re sent a summary of how many contacts were updated and how much time you saved – just in case you’d forgotten what an awesome time saver Piesync is.

How will you benefit from syncing your data across your favourite cloud-based apps?

  1. You’ll reduce time spent on data entry
  2. You’ll reduce manual errors
  3. No manual import/exporting of your contacts across apps
  4. One database across all your cloud-based apps means no mote data silos
  5. Changes, deletions and unsubscribes are synced so you don’t have to manually delete a contact
  6. You’ll have an accurate, 360-degree overview of your marketing, sales and customer service platforms all the time in real time.
  7. Sync your phone contacts with your CRM to view the caller ID of your CRM contacts and update contacts directly on your phone to your CRM

What do I love about Piesync? I love the way it automates processes within my business. For example:
When someone signs up to a Mailchimp list Piesync adds them to a Contactually CRM Bucket, and I send them a quick Bomb Bomb video saying thank you. They’re then automatically moved to another bucket where they automatically receive appropriate information by email. All I’ve had to do is send a video and type the word automatically – a lot – to demonstrate that a lot of manual processes are now automated – Set It And Forget It.

If you’d like to find out more about managing your contacts across devices and software so that you can Set it and Forget it, please get in touch and I will advise on the best software and systems to suit you and your business.