Grow Your Business With a FuckIt List

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Recently I read a blog about having a Fuckit list. A list of things that aren’t deserving of our time, energy or focus.

The premise of the blog was that having a fuckit list gives you more energy and frees you up to be as brilliant and alive as possible. You let go of all the stuff that doesn’t interest you and you stop worrying about all the bad stuff you do like.

There are so many things tugging at our physical or intellectual time. Some are irrelevant, some are important. Either way, they’re all energy sapping which is why it’s important to choose where you focus your energy.

My fuckit list comprises:

  1. SEO
    The rules keep changing and because it’s not a service we offer it’s far better to partner with someone that’s brilliant at it and who keeps us on track.
  2. Domesticity
    My office is right next to my home and my morning commute takes me through the clutter and gumf that is my life. I don’t like to live in squalor and I don’t like cleaning. I have a cleaner.

It’s impossible to be all things to everyone, and the same goes for your business.

If you’re in business on your own, you end up wearing three hats, Finance Director, Marketing Director and Sales Director. One person, three functions. Unless you love being all three, it’s time to think about the energy-sapping elements of your business.

For example, one of our clients works hard to get and retain clients who commission high-end bespoke rugs and carpets. Her energy drain is managing the back end of her business so while she focuses on what she’s brilliant at and what gives her energy, we ensure that all her systems and processes are working smoothly and, where possible, we implement automation to save everyone time and energy. We liaise with clients and suppliers throughout the life of a project to ensure her business is perfectly presented all the time.

She is an amazing client because she came to us before she’d started her business. We evaluated what she needed and how she’d work and we then set up the best systems and integrated cloud-based software to support her and her business. She said fuckit to the back end because it didn’t interest her

Next time you’re about to write a to do list, why not write your fuckit list and see how much more enthusiasm and energy you have for your business.

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