Blogging Without a Product

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We all know that blogging is an effective marketing tool and, as the guv’nor, you determine the strategy regarding content, tone and frequency. But where do you start when you don’t have a specific product?

Marketing your business may sometimes feel a little like bragging. And while I know that marketing isn’t rocket science, I also know many business owners are apprehensive when it comes to marketing their own business.

Stop! Roadblock ahead
If you sell your knowledge and expertise it can sometimes feel impossible to promote your business. I know that’s how I felt at the beginning. If I’d had a physical product to promote it would have been a red candle, it would burn for 24 hours and it would be 12” tall. You can visualise that can’t you? However, I thought I sold time, and I’d always struggled to know how to promote that.

As time went by, I realised that my product is my knowledge, expertise and experience of setting up and running cloud-based software. Using the latest software and apps I join software systems together and build slick processes that mean your business does more for you, and not the other way around. I advise businesses how to achieve the technological freedom that a cloud-based business brings and, I provide on-going administrative support and advice.

Don’t take your knowledge for granted
I’d always taken it for granted that setting up a business in the cloud was commonplace. I hadn’t realised there are many people who need advice. W’hoo! I finally had the first product, and that made writing about what I do so much easier.

Ah Ha!
When what you do is varied and bespoke for each client it can be difficult to define exactly what you do. Looking for commonalities across your client base, as well as identifying the Ah ha! moments you give your clients will help you to plan your blogging content.

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