Doubt, fear and the blogosphere

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You’ve got your product, found your voice and discovered you’re not perfect. Don’t succumb to doubt or fear, instead let the eternal optimist, Peter Pan, inspire you.

Peter states that 

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”

With every flap of your wings, your confidence will grow, and it’s the same when you market your business. If, at any time, your belief wanes remember whatever it is that makes you unique and an expert in your field. Writing about what you really know and understand will ensure you retain that confidence and continue to fly.

You may think that as a start-up or as a micro-business owner that you don’t have anything to tell people, but you do.

In 2010 Saunders and Lee was a start-up. What could we tell anyone? As it happens, we had an awful lot to say that people really hadn’t heard of. Stuff we took for granted and which we thought everyone knew.

The same could well be true for you so go on, define your product, find your voice, and don’t worry about being perfect – go and fly high into the blogosphere!

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