Get that pre-holiday feeling every day

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How To Keep That Pre-holiday Feeling, Every Day

Before you go on holiday you empty your inbox. Do that every day, using one principle of Getting Things Done and you’ll keep that pre-holiday feeling every day.

Everyone loves that pre-holiday feeling. You’ve tied up all the loose ends, and you finally have the freedom to think creatively about your business. This doesn’t have to be a once a year luxury; you can achieve this feeling every day using just one principle from Getting Things Done.

It’s extremely difficult to think creatively and strategically about your business or become absorbed with complex tasks if you’re responding to every email as soon as it hits your inbox. Hard landscaping your diary puts you in control of your time and your creativity.

Hard landscaping your diary simply means that you schedule meetings with yourself to do specific things. By allocating time in your diary, you’re more likely to honour it.

To help you manage your emails we suggest blocking out half an hour first thing in the morning and half an hour at the end of each day. During these times, all you’ll do is decide what needs to happen to each of your emails:

1. First decide whether the email requires you to take any action. If the answer is no you should either:

a) Trash it
b) Move it to a Someday/maybe folder
c) Move it to a Reference folder

2. If the email requires you to take action, ask yourself:

“Will the action take more than 2 minutes to complete?”

If the answer is yes then this email is filed in your project list along with a description of what needs to happen next to progress the project.

If the answer is no then you either Do it, Delegate it or Defer it:

1. Do it – self-explanatory really!
2. Delegate – If you delegate it then you need to track it in a Waiting for Folder.
3. Defer – If you defer it, decide if it is time sensitive. If it is, set a specific time and day in your diary when you will do it. If it’s not time sensitive, put it in a folder of Things to do as soon as you can.

Efficient and effective organising and processing of emails means you keep nothing in your head. And that means your mind is free to roam where it pleases and be creative because it knows that everything’s been taken care of and is under control.

If you’d like to know more about Getting things Done and how to customise your email, please get in touch.