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Newsletters And Email Campaigns In A Flash

Ever wondered how you can quickly and efficiently use your blog and marketing content for email and social media campaigns? Flashissue could be the answer.

The app lets you take content you’ve published online and blend it with curated content into a finished newsletter in minutes. The newsletter is sent through Gmail and can shared through Twitter and Facebook.

We’ve spent some time getting to know it and here are our thoughts.

Signing up for Flashissue is super easy, visit Flashissue.com, and you’ll find all you need to know.

There are two ways to access the Flashissue editor. From within your Gmail inbox, or from the Flashissue website. We used both options and in this review we decided to work within the Gmail inbox which required us to download the app and browser plug-in.

Once downloaded, you’ll see an embedded menu in your Gmail, and you’ll also notice a scissor icon (the clipper tool) to the right of your URL bar.

Designing your email is intuitive. Click Create New and the editor pane opens. You have the option to use a pre-designed template, however creating a bespoke template is so easy we chose that option.

On the left-hand side of the editor pane, you’ll see the drag and drop elements that you use to create your email. The right-hand side of the editor is where you subscribe to blogs, RSS feeds and where you save your clipped articles.

Populating your email is as simple as dragging and dropping. There’s a banner section at the top which is ready and waiting for you to upload an image. To add text and pictures, you drag and drop the appropriate elements to where you want them and shuffle them around if you’re not happy with the look and feel.

A curation feature, called the Clipper browser plugin, works like Evernote and allows you to save articles as you browse for later inclusion in your newsletter – this makes adding web content a breeze. The right-hand side of the editing pane is where you’ll see your clipped articles. You can also enter the address of your blog site or add keywords to search, and Flashissue will fetch the content for you.

You’ll see a summary of each blog article or web page that includes an intro paragraph, an image and a link that takes your reader back to the original article. Cherry-pick the ones you want in your email and drag & drop them into the editor. It’s that quick.

As with all email campaign software, you must have permission to email someone and to comply with anti-spam laws you’ll need to include your business address during set-up. Flashissue uses your existing address book and helps you organize your contacts into groups so you can send targeted emails. It will also keep track of the people who want to unsubscribe from your emails.

Flashissue offers a simple reporting function so you can track email opens, bounces, and clicks. It’s simple, but it does the job.

So, why would you use Flashissue instead of other campaign software?

Firstly, if you come across an article you want to share with one person, you can quickly send a great looking email rather than a boring URL. Secondly, you can cherry-pick articles from the interweb and display them easily and attractively. Thirdly, it’s intuitive to use – we didn’t use the tutorials at all. And finally, if you’re already using Gmail, why bother hopping onto another platform to send some emails?

So, that’s Flashissue in a nutshell.