Finding Your Creative Space

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Find Your Creative Space and Let Your Brain Rest!

Giving your brain time to be creative is therapeutic but, if you don’t capture those thoughts, your brain worries about remembering them and that hinders creativity.

I met with a client a few days ago, and at the end of the meeting she seemed to study the scribbles in her notebook with a look of dismay. She looked at mine and amongst the notes and diagrammatic explanations, were a list of actions. She looked envious.

As I drove home, I realised my client viewed her notebook as a shackle. Probably because it contained lists of unsolved problems. However, now that those problems were in my notebook, she saw my notebook as a mine of solutions. And this got me thinking about the various ways we capture our thoughts, ideas and actions as opposed to our to-dos and goals.

We all love a nice notebook. Something that’s tactile and perhaps a bit luxurious that will encourage us to write down our thoughts, ideas and plans to keep them all in one place. Over the years I’ve used a variety of notebooks and electronic systems, but I always come back to my favourite type of Moleskine – A5, flexible cover with unlined pages and a handy pocket at the back. Why do I love it? There are no rules or regulations. No dates, no lines, no tabbed dividers. Just lots of open space with no distractions.

I’m particular about what I use it for too. It goes with me to client meetings, but I don’t use it for everyday notes. No, no, no, my Moleskine only contains creative thoughts and ramblings. The ideas that occur when walking the dog or taking a shower – the moments when my mind wanders freely without any structure.

Our minds constantly process information, trying to make sense of things, and when it’s finished joining up some dots, a great idea pops into one’s head. And that’s what my Moleskine is for. Jotting down the random thoughts, ensuring they’re captured in one place, which lets my mind meander, wondering how to make sense of them all. Until BINGO! Somehow my brain has made sense of the unstructured notes and miraculously produced a fully formed thought!

It’s necessary and therapeutic to give your brain a chance to be creative. But, if you don’t capture those thoughts, your brain will spend all of its energy worrying about remembering them, and that will hinder your creativity.

You may already have a notebook or system in which you keep track of daily stuff and to do lists, all of which are very important, process driven systems to increase productivity. But, partner these with a creative space – a notebook that makes you feel happy, and you’ll have an awesome combination. Go on, treat yourself to a luxury notebook – as our client said when we sent her a couple of Moleskines, “I might become quite addicted to them!”