Finding your blogging voice

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To truly connect with your readers through your blog, you’ll need to do it with your own voice, your own style, in your own way…and with your readers in mind.

I’d always believed I needed to be corporate in our written tone. But frankly that’s not me. With my clients I can be cheeky, respectfully irreverent and, when necessary, will challenge perceived wisdoms. I felt it was important that my writing, at least occasionally, demonstrated this.

As I’m sure you can tell I’m not a copywriter, but I hope that sometimes I write some engaging words.

Would, Should or Will?
I clearly have a personality, as do you. Your personality is what you use to engage with clients and build relationships – why should we temper it? As I thought about what voice I should use to write, I realised I kept saying, “it should have this tone, or that tone”. Should indicates obligation, duty, or correctness. Of course, I have heaps of these three qualities and I’m intelligent enough to know when to employ them. If you think about how ‘should’ is used, it frequently has negative connotations. Time to change tack, I thought…

I changed the question to ‘What will the tone of voice be?’. Then I had an ah ha moment and realised I would write as an individual, not as a business. I would write about the things I do, the things my clients ask and I’d ensure my personality is always present. I would simply drop the facade.

In business, trust and credibility are crucial which makes being you vitally important. If you build a façade, it makes it difficult for potential clients to get to know you. Be open, be honest and be you.