If you don’t like networking but you do like human beings, you’ll love Drive.

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“The first time I went to a networking event I was horrified by peoples’ reactions to me. I felt like fresh meat.”

I have attended many networking events, and the format was the same: Elevator Pitches, Company pitch to the group, all rounded off with a spot of Networking Bingo where I’d spend 3 minutes, also known as a lifetime, being talked at by some pre-selected dullard.

This was not for me and so I retreated.

Some time later, after lengthy conversations with my dog, it was decided I needed to get out more.

And then I discovered a different tribe. A tribe who welcomed you as a friend. They introduced you to people. No more being cornered by bullish bores or trying to break into established cliques. The difference was startling, and I liked it. A lot.

These were people I liked. They were normal, intelligent people doing great things, sharing their experiences and learning. THEY WERE HAVING CONVERSATIONS, not pitches.

Roll forward a few years and some bright spark created an infrastructure for all these lovely, normal people.

I am now part of Facebook Group which is packed full of thought-provoking questions, answers and discussions.
I’m now part of a vibrant Twitter community that is full insightful thinkers and shining wits who will help you engage and even brag a little.

But let’s be clear, these people aren’t glad-handers or sycophants; if you say something ridiculous you will be challenged!

So who is this group of people about whom I write? They’re part of Drive, The Partnership Network and they’re popping up in towns and cities near you.

The first one launched in Cambridge in early 2016 and the London group launched in September 2016. In the interests of transparency, this is my group. My new shiny group where I get to share all this fabulousness with the rest of town.

If you’re a business owner it’s definitely worth swinging by and checking us out.


  • You will benefit from a wealth of experience and knowledge across a variety of sectors and disciplines
  • You’ll be in an environment in which you can share your own problems and help solve other peoples’
  • You’ll be part of a collaborative team, not a competitive group
  • You’ll meet people who genuinely care and are interested in you and your business
  • You will relax because you don’t need to pretend everything in your business is perfect
  • You’ll learn without worrying you should already know everything there is to know about running a business and;

at the very least you’ll be met with a warm welcome and introduced to some infectiously positive and enthusiastic people.

If you don’t like networking but you do like human beings, you’ll love Drive