Don’t Waste Time On Contact Management

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Is contact management the bane of your life? You probably have some contacts in Outlook, some in LinkedIn, some on your phone and a dusty stack of business cards you use as coffee cup coasters.

Contacts contacts everywhere and not a one is synced.

This is the situation for many of my clients. They keep their contacts in separate collection buckets for fear of contaminating their CRM or their email marketing software. Any change to a contact’s details requires manual amendments across multiple systems.

Instead of wasting hours updating contacts across a variety of systems, I wanted a contact management solution that would sync a default contact list across all cloud-based software. Set it and Forget it.

The answer is to have all your contacts in either Google Contacts or Outlook and Piesync will automagically sync specific contacts to specific software or all contacts to all software. You choose

As with all automagic software, you will only receive an outstanding performance if you do your prep properly and this means getting your contacts clean and duplicates merged.

Whether you use Outlook or Google, if you have more than a few contacts the easiest way to do your prep is to use Google Contacts because with just three clicks Google Contacts will Find and Merge your duplicates.

And it’s not just the find and merge that’s helpful, Google will combine the info that you have about someone with the details they share online so you get a complete picture of what your contacts are sharing on social media and what is of interest to them.

If you’d like to make ALL your contacts work for you and have the satisfaction of syncing them across all devices and cloud-based software, a good place to start is by downloading The ultimate guide to clean contacts.

In it you’ll discover why CSV files cause you problems and what you can do to solve them. How to eradicate accented characters from your data to ensure a smooth upload. How to use Tags in CSV Files and Google Contacts and, the amazing Find and Merge Duplicate contacts in three clicks.

All the info you need so that you can prep to Set it and Forget it.

Now that my clients’ contact data is syncing across all devices and all software they never worry about duplicate entries or updates across multiple systems. Do it once and behind the scenes syncing automagically does the rest. No more contact management, set it and forget it! This diagram gives you an idea of what can be achieved.

Contacts Syncing

If you’d like to know more about managing your contacts across devices and software so that you can Set it and Forget it, please get in touch and we will advise on the best software and systems to suit you and your business.