Why does the industry need people like me?

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Naturally, it’s because I’m amazing at getting all their shit done 🙂

However, it’s a shame how long it can take someone to make the decision to work with me.

I recognise I add to your costs, but:

  1. Why wait until you’re on your knees?
  2. Why continue to struggle to put out fires and be hideously stressed all the time?
  3. Why not be more profitable, more relaxed and more confident because your business is running as it should be?

Bold words, but true.

What happens when someone decides they’ve had enough?

Most of my clients come by way of a referral. I love referrals because it tells me I am doing my job well and am appreciated by my existing client. More importantly though their referral demonstrates they’re confident enough to refer me. I never underestimate this because there are only a handful of people I would refer.

An email intro takes place and I give a broad idea of how I can help them and their business. I suggest a meeting and provide a guide to typical monthly fees. Then it goes silent. A week or so later I gently follow up to see if they’d like to meet up and discuss what’s causing them problems in their business. A typical response is:

“I am so sorry for not getting back to you, it has been non-stop (like everyone else in the working world at the moment), not really a good enough excuse though. As soon as I come up for air I will take a good look at your first email and get in touch, thank you for the follow up though!”

I leave it there and don’t follow up. I am frequently told this is bad practice, however, this was a referral. They know who I am and my expertise comes with a letter of recommendation. I personally hate it when I receive frequent follow ups and, if they’re too pushy, I’ll take my business elsewhere. So, I leave this prospect alone. A few months later, sometimes almost a year, I receive an email like this real life example:

“I am getting to the point where I am going to need some help on my administrative side. I am spending far too much time chasing PO’s, coordinating freight collections and providing customers with ETA’s etc and I am not left with enough time to get out and do my job. I am wondering whether this is something you could help with, if not whether you could point me in the direction of a solution?”

Only when someone is on their knees do they decide they absolutely must have assistance. Prior to that, they expend their own time and energy trying to find solutions to their problems. They try to set up fail safe systems and waste time bastardizing software to try and meet their needs. There’s an awful lot of trying which, frankly, is trying.

Instead of trying, why not succeed?

It’s much more satisfying and not just for you. In the case above it’s evident neither supplier nor client’s needs are being met.

As a business owner it’s impossible to be a jack of all trades and anyway, apart from me, no right-minded person sets up their business to spend most of their time on business administration.

So what happened with the above case?

I met with them, discussed their problems, gained an understanding of their relationship with technology and the software they used and asked them what results they wanted to see and what their expectations of working with me were. I pootled off, wrote a proposal of phased solutions and we got cracking.

The result?

The client now has a project management system that works and every project has a project number. Due dates are given at each stage of the project so any one of us can open the Trello calendar and see what needs attention that day. The Trello board is created with lists that show every step in a project and every project moves through every step. A PO is sent to a supplier, a due date is added and the card moves to the appropriate list. Now we can easily action every project at the appropriate time. Nothing gets missed.

What else?

  • Zapier makes project documents available on both GDrive and Trello.
  • Zapier automatically creates GDrive folders and email folders (in both mine and my client’s Gmail)

Because there is a process for projects to follow, there is a process manual which means taking on additional people is a breeze.

The benefit?

My client stopped worrying about stuff being missed. His clients were kept up to date with projects and suppliers stopped faffing around. Because the projects follow a process, the finances are better managed and late payments decreased so cashflow has improved.

So, why do people work with me? I remove bottlenecks and find solutions. Because I can see the whole process, I bring a business clarity and, importantly, I stop their business crying and I turn it into a well-oiled machine. My clients are free to focus on their clients and their prospects. I run their business and they generate revenue.

And when people like you work with me, they send me lovely emails. I like lovely emails. I’d like you to send me a lovely email.

“I love how much I can trust you so please do carry on, you are excelling in every way which is so much due to your through understanding of the business.”

“I could not ask for anyone more wonderful than you.”

“This is amazing…. I’m seriously impressed. Thank you!”

“You really are excellent. Thank you.”

“Thanks again. As always your ability to understand and absorb these things is so impressive I find it quite amazing!”