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Mapping processes

What Is A Business Process? A Simple Introduction

Reading Time: 6 minutes A business process is a common term within industry. If you are a regular follower of Saunders & Lee you’ll know that we bang on incessantly about processes for small businesses and startups. Why?

Get More Done Productivity

How To Manage Your Calendar To Free Up More Time

Reading Time: 5 minutes Do you seem to spend more time in meetings than out of them? You keep getting interrupted and missing deadlines? Never have enough time for exercise or taking a break?

Clogs of a wheel demonstrating that businesses needs systems to work efficiently.

New Businesses Need Systems To Ensure Growth

Reading Time: 3 minutes The key to starting any businesses is to get the correct systems and processes in place. Right from the off, businesses need to get the appropriate operational structure in position to maximise productivity and ensure business growth.

Best app to automate work

Data Efficiency and Productivity using Zapier

Reading Time: 4 minutes We all waste time. Sometimes it’s a good thing because it gives our brains time to think while we do something mundane. Sometimes it really is just a pointless waste of time though. Like doing stuff that can be automated.

5 Essential G-Suite Extensions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here are some essential G-Suite Extensions we use to boost workflow and productivity. When it comes to communication, collaboration, and productivity, Saunders & Lee lead the way. In 2009, we took part in the beta testing of Google Apps for Business – renamed as G-Suite. In those days Gmail was a bit clunky and lacking in functionality, […]

Are you the Bottleneck In Your Business?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you receive emails or calls from clients or suppliers chasing you for product samples, quotations, or chasing for time in your diary? Whatever you’re being chased for and assuming you care, it increases your levels of anxiety and stress. You’ll feel on the backfoot and will begin your response with “My apologies for the […]