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If, as a business owner you’re not at all interested in systems then you need to get someone on board who is and who will design the workflow process for you.

[minti_blockquote]An Administrative Consultant will do this with their eyes closed.[/minti_blockquote]

They love this kind of thing.

They’ll look at your business, work out all the pieces of the jigsaw and then create a workflow and infrastructure to support it.

It saves business owners an unimaginable amount of time, dicking around, trying to make CRMs and Project Management systems work, when the whole reason they won’t work is because a process hasn’t been defined or people aren’t following the rules and continue to keep everything in their head.

[minti_blockquote]This three-step approach works so well because it’s the equivalent of a breadcrumb trail that anyone can follow.[/minti_blockquote]

And, if you don’t like working in such a disciplined way, don’t. Save yourself, and your Administrator, the frustration and have them do all the back-office stuff.