1 simple thing that will make your business more organised

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Last week, during a Skype consultation, the subject of project numbers came up and my client commented on how excited I became by them. Why wouldn’t I? They’re the easiest way to tag and bag documents to ensure you always find them when you need to. Project Numbers are the #hashtag of administration.

If you’re a coach or a therapist you call them client numbers. If you’re on a help desk they’re ticket numbers. If you manage interior projects, they’re project numbers. Whatever you want to call them they work.

Here are a few simple ways to apply them in your business.

  1. Create a spreadsheet or open a Trello Board
  2. Create a List and add your project numbers one card at a time, PN-0001, ad infinitum
  3. Go to Xero / General Settings / Tracking / Add Tracking Category and call it Job Number or Project Number. Xero will now create an additional column on your finance documents where you can add your Project Number. Use it in the Reference at the top of each document and when you search Xero, you just need to search for the PN-XXXX number and every financial document will be displayed.
  4. Add the PN-XXX number to the subject line in emails and you can easily search for all emails relating to that project. It also makes it easier to file emails into the correct project folder because you no longer have to second guess what the email is about.
  5. When saving documents always use the PN-XXXX as part of the file name so you can easily search your whole document storage in one go.
  6. Use them in Pipeline to manage your deals.
  7. Use them in your project management system.

You can use Project Numbers everywhere and most software is flexible enough to add them somewhere in the mix.


Project numbers are like hashtags. If you already know how powerful hashtags are you’ll understand. If you’re not familiar with hashtags or think they’re just some new fangled thing, here’s how Wikipedia describes them “A hashtag is a type of label or tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content.”

A label makes it easier for you to find information with specific content.

No shit Sherlock. But when you’re starting a business from scratch it’s so easy to get caught up keeping clients happy. As your business and workload grows, if you don’t have control of your day-to-day business admin, it can be a huge source of stress, and when you’re working hard and focused on your work, disorganisation is a huge distraction.

Outsourcing your administrative tasks in a piecemeal fashion will work for a while, but to achieve continued control, you need an Administrative Consultant who will continuously monitor and audit your systems and processes and who will suggest improvements and ways to automate as much of your business administration as possible. Project Numbers are just the beginning. I told you it was exciting stuff.

If you’d like to find out how Project Numbers will streamline and automate aspects of your business, please give me a call on 01223803666.