How to best use a Virtual Assistant

How to best use a Virtual Assistant

Reading Time: 3 minutes Considering hiring someone to help with your business? Interested in finding out how to best use a virtual assistant? How you work with a Virtual Assistant depends on the type of VA you choose to work with and how experienced, knowledgeable, resourceful, and intelligent they are. We advise 7 simple things to help you make the […]

How a Virtual Assistant Helps Businesses

Reading Time: 6 minutes A Virtual Assistant is someone who ultimately improves productivity in your business. A good VA will relieve pressure, add value and improve workflow performance. Whether you hire a VA for part-time, full-time or to help out with a specific problem, the right VA is worth their weight in gold.  Saunders & Lee delve deep into the subject […]

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5 Essential G-Suite Extensions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here are some essential G-Suite Extensions we use to boost workflow and productivity. When it comes to communication, collaboration, and productivity, Saunders & Lee lead the way. In 2009, we took part in the beta testing of Google Apps for Business – renamed as G-Suite. In those days Gmail was a bit clunky and lacking in functionality, […]

Are you the Bottleneck In Your Business?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you receive emails or calls from clients or suppliers chasing you for product samples, quotations, or chasing for time in your diary? Whatever you’re being chased for and assuming you care, it increases your levels of anxiety and stress. You’ll feel on the backfoot and will begin your response with “My apologies for the […]

1 simple thing that will make your business more organised

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last week, during a Skype consultation, the subject of project numbers came up and my client commented on how excited I became by them. Why wouldn’t I? They’re the easiest way to tag and bag documents to ensure you always find them when you need to. Project Numbers are the #hashtag of administration. If you’re […]

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Reading Time: 4 minutes   In order to understand the benefits of a Virtual Assistant, we have compiled this post to give you an insight to our day to day activities. Hopefully this will answer your question and show you how flexible and adaptive a good VA will be for your business. The fact you are here suggests you suffer […]