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Each and every business owner needs support and sometimes, that support needs to come from outside the business, not within it.

It is not uncommon for a business owner to wear too many hats but it is important to realise, time spent on admin is time spent away from growing your business. Hiring a reliable admin consultant lets you get on with the core business tasks, leaving the administration to someone else, which ultimately makes you more productive and profitable.

There are only so many fee earning hours in a day and if you’re wasting them on back office admin and book balancing, you may as well be burning your fees. Would you continue to employ a member of staff who is not productive or proficient in their role? It’s unlikely, so why allow yourself to be exactly that?

Typical Daily Tasks

  • Reading E-Mails
  • Opening Letters
  • Answering Phone Calls
  • Entering Invoices
  • Filing Paperwork
  • Reviewing Financial Statements
  • Preparing VAT
  • Chasing Overdue Payments
  • Paying Suppliers
  • Ordering New Supplies

Time = Money

The list of admin related tasks for the modern day business is endless and no doubt you could add many more to this list.

Whatever the task might be, ask yourself these two simple questions (and be honest).

  1. Is it strictly necessary you do it and ultimately, could it be given to someone else to do it for you?
  2. Would you save money as well as time if you didn’t have to deal with these tasks?

9 times out of 10, the answer is yes!

Cost Effective Support

Ever said to yourself, you could do with ‘a spare pair of hands‘ or ‘more hours in a day, or more days in a week‘ ?

The evolution of the internet made it possible to outsource all of your admin & finance effectively, reducing the demand on your time.

Admin Consultant vs Employed Staff

Just like employing a member of staff direct with a few important exceptions:

  1. You don’t need to pay them when they aren’t working!
  2. No need to pay them a pension
  3. No PAYE or NI to worry about
  4. No bother with staff absense
  5. No hassle dealing with poor performance and meetings
  6. No training as Admin Consultant employed with the skills read to use

The Modern Day PA

Gone are the days when a PA just answered the phone and made appointments. Nowadays they run their own business in addition to supporting others. They are multi-skilled and specialists in their own right and the experience they gain, sets them apart from their employed cousins. Choosing the right one with the right skills, is essential to cutting costs, improving productivity and growing your business.

It’s time to make yourself productive

When you’re drowning in numbers and admin, remember there are two lifesavers available to you.

  1. A Bookkeeper
  2. An Admin Consultant

Don’t choose one or the other, choose both.

Not only will you have a more efficient and effective business – you’ll have more time to spend time networking and building your client base.

Louise Lee – Admin Assistant

Based in Cambridgeshire and working for clients throughout the UK. Review past experience here.

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