About Saunders & Lee

Could your business run without you? What would happen if you were sick or had to deal with an emergency which meant you had to drop everything? What would happen to your clients and projects? This idea might make you feel a rising sense of panic. There’s no need. With the correct processes in place, your business can work without you, even if you are the business.

Don’t believe me? When I worked at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office I learned no-one is indispensable. They couldn’t be. We couldn’t afford to have only one person able to complete a task or know how a system works. My team and I bring this same level of order, efficiency and calm to your business. Even in a crisis, you know your business is in safe hands.

I am an accredited Private Secretary with a passion for processes and tech. As a former PA to William Hague and Lord Coe, I’m used to making high level discussions/negotiations/situations run smoothly and since 2010 I’ve been helping micro-businesses improve the way they do things. Helping them scale their business and giving them systems that free them from doing non-revenue generating dibble.

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