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I am an accredited Private Secretary with a passion for technology. A PA with extensive, high level experience who gives clients an edge when it comes to productivity.

Since 1991 I’ve been helping businesses and individuals improve the way they do things.

This passion began in 1991 at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office where I learnt, no one person is indispensable. In order for a business to thrive it needs processes which everyone in the business understands and follows.

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Could your business run without you?

What would happen if you were sick or had to deal with a family emergency which meant you had to drop everything.

What would happen to your clients and projects?

This idea might make you feel a rising sense of panic. There’s no need. With the correct processes in place, your business can work without you, even if you are the business.

Your business CAN run without you!

When I worked at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office I learned no-one is indispensable. They couldn’t be. If a key person was unable to complete their task, fail safe staff were trained to handle, it in their absence.

That’s where I learned the power of great systems.

I worked in the Counter Proliferation Department and my section covered conventional missiles. Within the department were two other sections, one for nuclear and one for chemical weapons.

The chemical section were a man down and some Flash telegrams needed to be sent along with some reports. Hear the word Flash and everyone sprints. This is the most important, urgent stuff with the most immediate of deadlines. It had to be sent but how?

It’s graded Flash so it’s a high pressure situation. But the process is not because everything has been organised so others can step in. I knew where to obtain the information, without which the report and telegrams could not be created nor distributed.

Everyone knows the operating systems and processes. They can access any information they need to deal with the emergency. Their actions are logged and recorded within the systems. There is no crisis. The cogs just keep turning. It’s an amazing creation.

You & your business can benefit also

My team and I bring this same level of order, efficiency and calm to your business.

Even in a crisis, you know your business is in safe hands.

I am used to making high level discussions/negotiations/situations run smoothly. I am always up to date on the latest cloud based systems and apps offering more efficient ways of getting things done. I know what they are and how they can help you so you don’t need to – just let us put the systems in place so you can get on with running your business.

Louise Lee - Administrative Consultant and Virtual Assistant

Louise Lee

Managing Director


  • PA : William Hague
  • PA : Lord Coe
  • PA : Kantar Group HR Director
  • PA : Foreign and Commonwealth Office


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