About Louise Lee from Saunders & Lee

I am an accredited Private Secretary with a passion for tech. A PA nerd who gives clients the edge when it comes to productivity.

Since 1991 I’ve been helping businesses and individuals improve the way they do things.

This passion began in 1991 at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office where I discovered that no one should be indispensable and I realised that for a business to thrive it needs slick, simple processes that are understood by everyone.

Over the years I found a talent for finding solutions to business admin problems. My experience comes from working with board level directors in diverse industries including graphic design, global leadership training and central government. This experience means I provide solutions to micro businesses – whatever their area of expertise.

I have a passion for researching cloud based systems and apps that offer more efficient ways of getting things done. My mantra is set it and forget it.

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If I was a dictionary definition my entry would be:

  1. Has an inquisitive mind and a quest for knowledge
  2. As dogged and determined as a Jack Russell Terrier – if she can’t find a way, she’ll make a way
  3. Seeks the solace of a secluded beach where she dances to reggae
Louise Lee - Administrative Consultant and Virtual Assistant

Louise Lee

Client Services Director

Contact Louise on 01223 803 666