5 Essential G-Suite Extensions

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Here are some essential G-Suite Extensions we use to boost workflow and productivity. When it comes to communication, collaboration, and productivity, Saunders & Lee lead the way.

In 2009, we took part in the beta testing of Google Apps for Business – renamed as G-Suite. In those days Gmail was a bit clunky and lacking in functionality, but the potential and vision were there, and it was easy to see how it would transform the way we work.

The functionality ofG-Suite has improved dramatically and where G-Suite out performs Outlook is the ability to tailor it for you and the way you work. Using just some of the hundreds of Chrome Extensions, you can twist and tweak G-Suite to be more than just your in-box.

5 G-Suite Extensions we love


G-Suite Extensions Sortd

Sortd is currently in beta testing, but it’s already shaping up to be a fabulous bit of kit.

With a drag and drop interface, Sortd brings the worlds of emails and tasks together. It transforms your email into organised, Kanban style (think Trello for email) lists.

Let’s face it, your Inbox was never designed as a To Do list. The best bit is you do it all within G-Suite, there’s no need to switch to another app to get organised.

If, at any time, you fancy a change of scenery, with one click you can toggle between Sortd and the familiar G-Suite view.


G-Suite Extensions Boomerang

If you often feel you’re chasing for a reply to an email, have Boomerang resend it automatically at a given day and time.

According to Neuroscientist Dr Daniel Levitin, your brain’s working memory is used to store information on a short term basis, and most people can only hold four things in their mind at any time, so why give yourself brain ache about chasing for an email reply?

G-Suite Extensions – Label Column Resizer

G-Suite Extensions - Label Column Resizer

One thing G-Suite needs to sort out is the ability to resize the left-hand column. If this bugs you, get the G-Suite Label Resizer extension and you’ll feel instantly more relaxed.

G-Suite Show Time (sorry, jazz hands not included)

G-Suite Extensions - Showtime

By default, Gmail doesn’t show a specific date/time when an email was received. You can hover over or open the original message, but that’s just one more action to take in an already action-packed day.

The solution is the G-Suite Show Time Chrome extension.


I love that Gmail has an All Mail folder so you can always search and retrieve any email sent or received. However, I file all my emails and so it’s easier to have all sent emails copied into my inbox so I can file them straight from there. To do this you need to create a New Label and two filters:

New Gmail Label

Settings / Labels / Create New Label / INBOX SENT / Save

Creating G-Suite Filters

Filter 1

Settings / Filters / Create New Filter
From: your email address
Create Filter with this Search
Apply Label: INBOX SENT
Create Filter

Filter 2

Settings / Filters / Create New Filter
From: your email address
Create Filter with this Search
Never send it to Spam
Create Filter

Now, whenever you send an email, a copy will be popped into your inbox and you can file it straight away. You’ll never lose that sent proposal again!

When your business is growing, and your work levels are increasing it’s difficult to maintain high levels of service. You need to create space for you to breathe, to think, to plan. When you have this space, you’re proactive rather than reactive, and you will add more value to the work you do with your clients.

Turning your inbox into a Trello board and tailoring G-Suite to work exactly how you want it to gives you more control over your day to day admin. If you don’t have control of your day-to-day stuff, it can be a huge source of stress, and when you’re working hard and focused on your work, disorganisation is a huge distraction.

If you’d like to find out more about automating and streamlining aspects of your business, please give me a call on 01223803666.