3 Clicks To A Useful Contact List

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Contact Management is tedious so why not integrate your contacts across all your systems and software and save yourself hours of updates. Google Contacts can help in just three clicks.

These days telephones are pretty intelligent at picking up contact information from emails. However, if you’re like many of my clients, the contacts on your phone are your dirty list. Your little black book that contains everyone from Mum and Dad to Most Important Client and you’ve never thought to sync them to a more meaningful piece of software, before now.

Contact management can be time consuming and tedious. Everyone tells you to get a CRM, which is great, but having one and using one are two very different things. We’ve already discovered that your phone contains loads of contacts and it’s likely that many of these would be missed if you choose to use a cloud-based CRM. So, the first part of the solution is to set your phone to sync with your default email contacts. To help you get started here’s a one-page guide to Google Contacts on your mobile device.

Once you’ve got this set up why not take the bull by the horns and combine all your contacts in one place? Contacts from LinkedIn, half-finished spreadsheets, other email accounts and the like. (We like Google Contacts because it has a fabulous find and merge duplicates feature.)

When all your contacts are in one place, instead of wasting hours updating them across a variety of systems, you will have one clean, up to date, list which will, in real time, sync with your phone. And because your whole contact list is now cloud-based and not tucked away on your phone, you can share you contacts with an assistant or colleague.

If you’d like to have your contacts integrated throughout your software systems, you can activate Piesync which will automagically sync specific contacts to specific software or, all contacts to all software, you choose.

As with all automagic software you only receive an outstanding performance if you prep properly. To help you prep we’ve created a separate blog and a download, The ultimate guide to clean contacts. (We recommend using Google Contacts to compile your complete list because of its find and merge duplicates feature. If you use Outlook, you can always export them once you’re done.)

If you’d like to know more about managing your contacts across devices and software so that you can Set it and Forget it, please get in touch and we will advise on the best software and systems to suit you and your business.