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Now more than ever before, our services are essential for new start-ups and even people working from home. Since Covid, more and more people have to adapt to these changing times and Saunders and Lee are well placed to help.

We work with businesses every day, identifying new ways to streamline your business and increase productivity.

” We create the systems you need to create a scalable business that generates more revenue and runs efficiently, without extra demand on you. “

We are business admin consultants, who assist you and your business.

Since 2010 we’ve helped countless businesses iron out the blocks to getting things done. We create systems and automate repeated tasks. We make sure you always have the information you’re looking for right at your fingertips and we delight your customers. We’re business admin consultants and proud of it!

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We’ll devise the systems you need to create a scalable business that generates more revenue and runs without you. Meanwhile, you concentrate on your clients and actually turn your laptop off, before midnight, feeling relaxed and organised.

To achieve this, you don’t need expensive software. You need great systems!

We help you create the best systems, get them set up and run them for you so that your business becomes an asset that operates efficiently and profitably – all the time.

Since 2010 we’ve helped countless businesses iron out the blocks to getting things done. We create systems and automate repeated tasks. We make sure you always have the information you’re looking for right at your fingertips and we delight your customers. We’re organisational software geeks and proud of it!

System (and software) Surgery

There’s no magic serum for wrinkle free systems. Want the next best thing? A 60 minute system surgery with me.

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Done for you Software Set-Up

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wave a magic wand and have all your business systems and software set up and raring to go?

Done For You Business Support

Are you one of the micro-business owners who think you must be the one doing everything in your business?


Do you find it difficult to let go and delegate?

Are you still doing everything yourself?

In this free training programme I show you how to set up your business so you’ll delegate with confidence.

You’ll be free to do the things you love AND your profits will increase.

We understand how to make your business run like clockwork.

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We’ve solved lots of problems for all kinds of businesses. If you have an administrative headache in your business, we’ll find a solution that works for you.

We are Business Administrative Consultants and we’ve solved and put processes in place to enable business owners to sleep soundly at night.

Fantastic support from Louise Lee …

I’ve recently started working with Louise at Saunders & Lee and I can honestly say it’s already transforming my approach to my business. She’s introduced me to new process approaches and IT solutions that are already making things easier, more efficient and helping me focus on what I’m best at….her focus is on helping her clients get the very best service.

Jo Twiselton

Latest News

How to create a scalable business?

Rachael from Clerkenwell Rug Studio runs a successful creative business where relationships with designers and architects are key. She knows keeping in close contact is vital but how to do this and keep on top of all the bespoke orders?

Saunders and Lee developed a project numbering system which enables all project admin to link together with one unique number. Documents, emails, invoices, the lot! We also established clear lines of responsibility. We know who needs to do what so nothing gets dropped or missed. And, because we nestle within her business, emails go to Clerkenwell Rug Studio but are answered by us. For clients and suppliers we are the first line of support, providing a vital personal service and ensuring Rachael knows she has never missed a thing.

We use automation for project management. When a new project is created, a folder is automatically created on GDrive and, for everyone involved in the project, a new folder is created in their email account which makes email processing and document management quicker and easier for everyone.

First Trello, and now Asana, are used to keep all the projects and processes together. It’s also an online process manual. As the team grows, everyone can see what they need in one place and it makes training people quick, simple and painless.

If you’d like a highly organised business where you can be with your clients all day and know everything is running like clockwork, get in touch.

How to streamline and manage operational activities to create a business which can operate anywhere in the world

Saunders and Lee were first introduced to The Psychology 4 Group in 2012 when cloud-based software was in its infancy.

The goal was to streamline and manage operational activities of the three arms to the business, to reduce operational costs and to create a business that could operate anywhere in the world.

Appropriate cloud software to meet the business’s needs was not initially available. They had sensitive patient data to protect and it took 12 months to find a solution for document storage: Tresorit. We’d been keeping an eye on Tresorit because during 2013 and 2014, Tresorit hosted a hacking contest offering $10,000 to anyone who hacked their data. The reward went up. Still no-one broke the encryption.

While we waited for a CRM that was compliant with UK data laws, we devised our own spreadsheet system. This seems archaic, however when the appropriate software became available, the way we had laid it out meant that with a few clicks we were able to upload it to a CRM. All the data was there and it worked because that was how we had planned it.

How to create a knowledge base

How much time do you spend on operations management? The Global Entrepreneurs Programme, run by UK Trade and Industry identified this took up more than 30 per cent of the team’s time and wanted to find a more cost effective way to deliver this support. 

They asked Saunders and Lee to create and populate a standalone wiki that would be a fount of knowledge for global entrepreneurs relocating to the UK.

We needed a knowledge base and help centre that would form the beginnings of an online community. Somewhere that all the information will be available, in one place, and somewhere that allowed users to submit questions and have conversations / problem solve amongst themselves.

We researched a variety of platforms that would meet our criteria before we settled on zendesk. Zendesk was more than a place to store a collection of articles and downloads. It provided ticketed support so we could provide better self service for the entrepreneurs. We were able to control access to content. Zendesk meant we could organise articles in categories and sections so our entrepreneurs could easily find what they were looking for. The ticketing system also meant we could report on what information entrepreneurs weren’t finding on the knowledgebase and we could then source that information and create a new article.

How to manage an online event and make it easy for people to sign up How to manage an online event and make it easy for people to sign up

What do you do when you don’t have a website? You find a way to adapt Events software to suit your needs.

Events are increasingly being held online. With video conferencing and a host of online forums available, meeting up without leaving your home or office has become as easy as opening your laptop. More of us are learning online or ditching costly team meetings where we travel to a venue in favour of a virtual solution.

Isongo creates global leadership training programmes supported by ongoing one-to-one coaching and mentoring, which take place online. They had created a new programme but needed a way to manage delegate registrations, payments and pre-work delivery to delegates. Saunders and Lee were asked to come up with a solution.

We researched various event management software and settled on Regonline because we could manipulate it to suit our needs. We created a landing page with all the information delegates needed. Then we created separate event pages for each programme.

We were able to adapt Regonline to suit our purposes and so could host all the programme information within one platform. We also created a series of automated emails delivering prework to delegates in advance of each module followed by emails with online access information and reminder emails.

Saunders and Lee also nestled within the business and we were the first line of support. Because we had created the infrastructure and knew how the programme was delivered, we could speak knowledgeably with delegates and deal with all their questions when they got in touch.

Scaling Your Business

Growing a business is good: you can take on more work, embark on larger projects and enter new areas of expertise. However, growth will come at a cost if you don’t know your standard systems.

As you scale your business, you’ll have more people to keep track of and more demands on your time. Standard procedures streamline everything and ensures everyone knows exactly what to do and when.

We get to the heart of how your work needs to get done and then suggest or research software to support that system. Saunders & Lee have extensive knowledge of CRMs, project management systems, document storage, learning management, coaching dashboards as well as a host of nifty apps and add ons that bring it all together to create the right solution for you. We keep your business on track and our know-how will make you more efficient and bring calm and order. You generate leads and ascertain your customers’ requirements and we step in and handle everything from there. We send the customer a quote, liaise with all parties to ensure the project, service or product is delivered on time and deal with the invoicing. You don’t have to worry about the admin side at all.

We can help you run any kind of business whether you are delivering a product or offering a service. You can trust Saunders and Lee to make sure it all runs like clockwork.